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A question about the nature of diyah (blood money)
Date 20 May 2019 & Clock 05:06

Question 37:I would like to ask you a question about the nature of diyah (blood money)? Is it a divine punishment or considered a kind of reimbursement of the losses? Does it make a difference when the crime is committed intentionally or unintentionally or by mistake?

Answer 37: Diyah is retribution and a punishment from God. It is not to be considered a decisive factor in determining and establishing values. Thus, there is no difference between a man and a woman in terms of their value and also between the various types of murder.

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Blood money (Diyah) in
Date 20 May 2019 & Clock 05:06

Question 5: Why are some of the lunar months called "haram" months? Why is the blood money (diyah) doubled in this month?

Answer 5: In pre-Islamic days many tribes banned war in Mecca as a place where conflict was “haram” (forbidden) and four months of the year were also set aside as haram months when all conflict and battles between them were suspended. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) continued these conventions and sanctified them. Diyah increases in this month to 1/3 because these months are considered as noble by Islam also.

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