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15 June 2024 Clock 15:22

In his will, my father had requested 3 years of qadha prayers be performed on his behalf. My elder brother whose responsibility was to execute the will performed 3 years of qadha prayers, but I think my late father’s qadha prayers were more than 3 years. Are we just obligated to perform only 3 years of qadha prayer according to the will or we have to perform more if we consider it probable that our late father had more qadha prayers?

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If your father had requested for 3 years of qadha prayers to be offered on his behalf and your elder brother performed them, you have no more obligations. Nevertheless, if you consider it probable that your father had more qadha prayers and you can hire someone to perform them, there is no problem in it, rather it is recommended. At any rate, it is not obligatory.

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