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Women's wet dream in menses
Date 18 March 2018 & Clock 15:05

Question 13: If a woman has a wet dream while she is in her menses, which ghusl is she supposed to perform first?

Answer 13: She can perform one ghusl with the niyat (intention) of both of the two ghusls. If she wants to perform two ghusls separately, it does not make a difference as to which ghusl she performs first?

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Prayers in the direction of the Imams’ tombs
Date 18 March 2018 & Clock 15:05

Question 24: What is your opinion about the people including some mystics who offer their prayers in the direction of the Imams’ tombs? Is it not shirk (polytheistic)?

Answer 24: Qibla of all Muslims including Islamic scholars and mystics is the holy Ka’bah; Prayer offered in any other direction is void and if one intentionally offers his prayer in a wrong direction, it is considered innovation and it is absolutely forbidden.

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Perform ghusl for Fasting
Date 18 March 2018 & Clock 15:05

Question 10: Several drops of semen come out of me after passing urine, do I have to perform ghusl for prayer and fast each time the semen gets released?

Answer 10: If you are certain that the emission is semen, you should perform ghusl. Likewise, if you want to observe fast in the month of Ramadhan or make up the missed fasts, you must make ghusl before morning Adhan (or dawn). If you fail to make ghusl for anyone reason, you should perform Taymmum in lieu of ghusl.

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What is the best and most suitable way of studying a subject?
Date 18 March 2018 & Clock 15:05

Question 42:With due respect to Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Fazel Lankarani, my question is: What is the best and most suitable way of studying, understanding and comprehending a subject? I would like to request you to give me a piece of advice so that I may use it as a torch in my life. Thank you very much indeed.

Answer 42:  Thank you for your sincere message. Certainly, you know that there are different methods for studying in different fields of sciences. Although we do not deny the existence of some common methods, obviously one should discover the special methods and benefit from them in their respective areas. When you are studying, you should not engage your mind with things which are irrelevant to your study. Empty your mind from those matters and concentrate your attention to such an extent that there should be nothing in your mind other than understanding and comprehending the subject.  Try to improve your motivation and interest. You should know that you will never a get a chance to study again. You should give importance to studying and its sign is to enjoy studying and feel not tired. Before you try to keep a point in your mind, try to understand it well. If it is difficult to understand, do not get disappointed. Take it easy and simple. Think about it deeply and make your mind active. Try to analyse a scientific subject and separate preliminaries from the focal point. If you succeed in analysing the subject, then it would be easy to understand and learn it. Be in search of truth when studying about a subject. There are facts behind the apparent meanings of words. I pray to Almighty Allah to grant you success in understanding and learning scientific secrets and religious realities.  I am not in a position to advise you but you know that no occupation is more important than seeking knowledge and dealing with scientific issues. Let's pray to God, Who is the Infinite source of knowledge, to ignite the light of knowledge in our hearts – insha Allah.

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Autopsy on human corpses for the students of medical science
Date 18 March 2018 & Clock 15:05

Question 38:What is the Islamic law concerning autopsy on human corpses for the students of medical science as part of their training program? What are the limits to be taken into consideration?

Answer 38: Autopsy of a corpse is not permissible by itself. It is necessary to respect the dead body of a Muslim as one respects a human being when he/she is alive.  If medical training depends on it and there is no body of a non-Muslim to be used for dissection, there would be no problem in it, albeit out of necessity.

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