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15 June 2024 Clock 16:43

Two years ago my sister started a relationship with a married man. Under the pretext of saving her from depression, the man told her to consider him as her brother and trust him. My sister trusted him and told him all her problems. The man, claiming that we are like brother and sister, established a relationship with her and even kissed her. Now my sister is so much dependent on him that her life has gone out of order. On the other hand, she considers herself a sinful person. She wants to know if God forgives her after all this and what she needs to do to be forgiven. What should be done with that man?

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There is no sibling relationship between a woman and a non-mahram man. Tell your sister that her relationship with that man is forbidden. This emotional connection and kissing your sister by that man are both forbidden. Such relationship is a trap of Satan and also a trap of that man for your sister. She should end this relationship immediately and seek divine forgiveness.

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