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15 April 2024 Clock 13:52

Question 15: I have a question about the version of "Basāer Al-Darajāt" which was mentioned by Allamah Majlisi in his book Behār al-Anwār? Was it a reliable and authentic book? Given the anonymous identity of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Yahya al-Attar, are the transmitted narrations in the book authentic?

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Answer 15: "Basāer Al-Darajāt" was written on the virtues and excellence of the Holy Prophet's household (peace be upon him and his progeny). The great and highly regarded author of the book, late Sheikh-ul Qommiyeen Muhammad bin Hasan bin Farrrukh Al-Saffar, is one of the companions of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.). The book is recognized as one of the reliable books. Many a number of great scholars such as Kulayni have relied on it. Sheikh Tusi and Najashi have transmitted all of Muhammad bin Hasan bin Farrukh's books through Muhammad bin Al-Hasan bin Al-Walid except for Basāer Al-Darajāt which they have transmitted through Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Yahya (Al-Attar). He is one of the scholars from whom Sheikh Saduq has narrated many a great number of traditions. Allamah Majlisi has relied on him. Shahid Thani and Sheikh Bahai have considered him as reliable. However, the criterion is that Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Yahya Al-Attar is one of the prominent and renowned scholars with no reproof about him. This much that he has not been reproved by any scholars is sufficient for us to accept him as a reliable person. May Allah grant you success.

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