Member of the Society of the Teachers of the Islamic Seminary of Qom : We must be patient to save the reality of Islam

  • Date 19 January 2020
  • Clock 06:54
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News Summary :
Speaking to Rasa reporter in a special talk, he expressed condolences on the sad desecration of the Shrine of the Ahlalbayt (a.s.) in Samarra.

Rasa, Political Service – Referring to religious doctrines and fundamentals Hojjatul Islam Jawad Fazel Lankarani asked Shiites to exercise patience to save the reality of Islam.

Speaking to Rasa reporter in a special talk, he expressed condolences on the sad desecration of the Shrine of the Ahlalbayt (a.s.) in Samarra.
"Now-a-days, because of the sacrilegious acts and insults being made to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his household the Muslims throughout the world are deeply anguished.  There is no doubt that such conspiratorial incidents are coordinated with the occupying forces in Iraq."
He added that preventing such incidents from happening was easy for the occupying forces. "There is no doubt that the occupying forces especially the US and Britain are the ones to be considered guilty." He said. 

 "The occupiers in Iraq want to continue their presence under the pretext of creating peace. That means they have accepted the responsibility of bringing peace in the country. They say we are here to bring peace. Therefore, if an incident takes place over there, they are the ones to be held responsible. Furthermore, we know for sure that such sacrilegious acts are masterminded by them. Given their excuse they are to be held responsible."  

Concerning the objectives of the perpetrators of this crime, he said, "The first objective behind this incident was to give the occupiers an excuse to stay longer and to continue their occupation of the country of Iraq. They have to resort to such acts in order to convince the Iraqi state to let them stay longer. Secondly, they want to send a message to the Iraqi government that if it ever wants to act against their wish, they could embark on creating such incidents. This is a warning to the Iraqi government to act as the occupiers wish."   

Hojjatul Islam Fazel Lankarani further added that history showed that the arrogant and colonial powers sought to create ethnic and tribal discord so as to exploit the situation for their own benefit. He said that not only in Iraq but also in the Islamic countries the enemies wanted to pursue their evil objectives in the same manner.

He stressed on the unity of Muslims saying it was their duty to stand united. "Today, Shiites in the world in general and in Iraq in particular are well aware of what is going on around them."  He said. "They follow the Marja'eyah and take guidance from the jurisprudents in critical times. It is indeed very necessary for them not to be deceived by the conspiracies of the West and not to act in line with their plans and intentions. Of course in such circumstances it is very difficult for Shiites to be patient but we have learnt from the Infallible Imams and our righteous leaders that in order for the reality of Islam to remain intact we must be patient and tolerant. We must exercise forbearance to let Islam gain its actual status, glory and dignity. And I hope that God will make up for these bitter incidents in any way that He deems expedient.

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