The support of national production and the prosperity of the production of factories should be taken into consideration by the authorities

  • Date 18 January 2021
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News Summary :
On the occasion of New Year's Eve, Qom's Governor, along with his deputies, met with Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani on Saturday (January 11, 1997) and presented a report on their annual performance.
He further praised and thanked the authorities for the details of his statements.
In the name of of Allah the Merciful

I congratulate the servant of the New Year and the celebrations of the holy month of Rajab. 
I hope that God willing Allah will bestow many successes for you and the people of Qom this year, and we will witness good developments in the year 97. 

Al-Qaeda Allah, the individuals and authorities of the country, each with their own share, are sympathetic to these large-scale projects that are underway. It is grateful that such great steps will be taken in the province and more people will be in the process of doing so. Because in the public space of the country, because of bad claims, people think that the authorities have laid hands on and nobody does anything! While it seems, much has been done.

As the Supreme Leader of the Revolution sometimes says, in the end, at any time and every state, the people must learn about the work done, and it is expected from the Islamic Republic's system that its officials are compassionate, with all being, with sincerity, Qurba'at al-Allah Work for the country. 

If today a responsible official in this Islamic Republic does not do its job properly, he will hit his own system not only to his work environment, but also to the principle of the Islamic system. Because we want our country to progress and to become a model in the world. 

When our country has the capabilities that can be part of the world's first economies, one has to examine what obstacles this has not been achieved over the course of these 40 years.
Thank you very much for my share. It is possible to work Alhmdullah by taking time, by thinking through co-operation and co-mingling and intimacy, away from the factional issues and the things that strike our progress, and these great steps will be taken. 

Performing basic tasks in Qom, such as the construction of clinics, hospitals and highways, is quite obvious, and there are a few points to note. 

The first point is the discussion of support for national production and the prosperity of the production of factories that should be taken into consideration by the authorities. 

On the one hand, this is perceived in the public realm of the country, and sometimes it is also mentioned in the media that factories are constantly falling down and shutting down. On the other hand, you said you have allocated 683 billion to the factories. 

Such a great contribution to the factories in a province, of course, is the same in other provinces.

It is imperative that the authorities, with the provision of facilities in the tax area and facilities available to the government, help to boost the factories. 

The second point, despite all the efforts that the authorities deserve and really worthy of praise, but most people are not happy with our offices. That is, people go to any administration, they are not satisfied.

Why should people who are abusing rules and rules be able to circumvent the law and deal with them and make their work at a lower cost. But people who want to act in accordance with the law are doing their work today and tomorrow, and they are costing a lot. This is not tolerable to us as a sympathetic and interested in this system, why is not it the case in other countries? There is a definite definition of what to do. Neither the referring person is thinking of finding a shortcut, nor is he responsible for thinking that he will work for himself in this way. 

Yes, there is a great international mafia that plunder the world, but this is not in the body of referrals to the people. 

What do you think of this problem, the administrative health of the country?

This problem very much affects people's morale, people's thoughts and people's beliefs, and I think it should work on this issue. 

Yet, with all these important projects and many facilities, it was hard to work, the things that worked for the pilgrims during the days of Nowruz, and the work of two million cars and carriages, a lot of work, but it is also a matter of things that discourage people. he does. 

It means that it's now the people's opinion that God does not allow anyone to be involved in an office, whether in executive or judicial affairs, then he should spend his life there. 

You need to have meetings for the administrators of the office, and you should know what the lawyer needs to do, so that the work can be done without time being taken.

The use of daytime technology and e-services is very good. Many of these issues are solved and transparent, but more needs to be done by the authorities to save more time and money.

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