Qur'an and E'thrat, criterion of identification of deviation / necessity of religious education

  • Date 17 January 2021
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Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani introduced the Qur'an and the Etrath as a criterion for detecting deviation and like the nobility of the world. And, by expressing the need for religious education, it was necessary to train groups equipped with debate.

Ayatollah Mohammad Jawad Fazel Lankarani, the head of the Islamic jurisprudential center of the Imams and a member of the community of lecturers of the Qom Seminary in celebrating the highest and most distinguished academic and research staff of the Center for the Comparative Studies of Muslims in Mashhad, with the verses 57 and 58 The Quran Younis congratulated the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the presence of Ayatollah Ashrafi Shahrudi at the ceremony.

Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani stated that the Ayatollah Ashrafi, who is one of the Shia honors and honors of the Seminary, is an example of the elders of the faculty, the deceased Ayatollah Khoyi and Imam Khomeini in the Khorasan region, and worked hard on this collection I have great gratitude.

Referring to the first verse of the verse, he added: "For our time is spent on understanding this verse, I will give a brief overview of this," the Almighty God and the excellency in this verse, tell all people that "My Imam Reza Amin" According to the narration that came from the Prophet himself, this preaching, healing, guidance, and mercy, the four titles that are presented here at the end of God are summarized in two titles: one Fazlullah, and one Rahmaullah, and in this The prophetic narration of the Prophet (pbuh) says: "Fazlullah Al-Quran and Allah Betawila" The Holy Quran means the revelation of the Qur'an, a divine blessing on mankind, and the science of the Quran's interpretation, this is also Fazlullah Is on man.

The Quran and the Ether are like the good news in the universe

Member of the community of Qom Seminary Teachers in the following is a question of mercyHe stated that he would not be merciful in expressing this as saying that he is said to be Ahad Al-AsadīqSometimes you say that the traditions that are stated in the verse below is a trait, but here it seems that this is unique to Babylon Fayl Mo'in, which God places on mankind.

He added: "This grace is distinctly the will of God in this Qur'an, and this mercy, which says," The love of the Imam of the Prophet and his deeds, "the mercy of this marriage is the same for the Prophet and the Prophet and his deeds.

Ayatollah Fadhil Lankarani continued: "The Prophet (pbuh) himself says:" Ja'fif al-khayr al-khir'a is the same as that of the famine and the Na'amah. "This verse is used in this narrative and this narration, which is like the good news in this world Is the Qur'an and the Exit, the same as in the Hadith of Sharif Thaqalain, and out of this verseWe do not have any better than these.

Honorable in the Quranic Science

The head of the jurisprudential center of the Imams said: "The Qur'an must read its reading, studying it, and the knowledge of its talent, through the knowledge of its source, and it is important for us to know them as well. We are aware of them and what That they said that it is true to us as it is prescribed by the Qur'an, we have authority and must act.

He added: "I would like to point out that in our time some statements are made and the result of this is that we close the EtratSome people who did not succeed in the first place should be placed in their hearts and their province is not a province that we have nothing we do with them at the moment, but those who claim to be Shiites are on the path of the Ahl al-Bayt, if they claim that most of our narrations Is it not the result of saying that in our time we have nothing called the EtruthThat's what it means!

A member of the community of teachers in the Qom Seminary continued: Does this not mean the cancellation of the Hadith of ThaqalainLet's say that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has put two gravity on man until the Day of Judgment, but his glory does not even matterDo they feel that these are not just about the time of Imam's presenceIs the requirement for obedience to the Imams (AS) to be exclusive to the time of presenceWe do not need obedience to us when we say that in the time of absence we have no access and successAnd let's say that the narrations that have been made by the Imams during this 260 years of God, most of the Israelis, are close to the Etruth.

The amount of each student for work and effort in this world

Ayatollah Fadhil Lankarani stated: Of course, I'm looking at this angle, and the Hadith scholars fully prove that the narrations that we have are in full swing. Now, although the narrator is not valid, most of our narratives are the sameYes, there may be traditions that one has the assurance that it is not true that it is part of the tragic narratives, but I want to say that we are proud that we are sitting next to a table that both believe in the Qur'an and that they are tolerant of the Eritrean and nothing in this world. No higher than that.

He added: "I am giving you a prayer in this world. There is no higher job for us to sit on the table of the Qur'an and the Estrat, and look for what God said, what did Hajj al-Haya meanWhat is right and wrong is not right and follow these issuesGod of Almighty and Excellency, says: "Al-Fahd al-Fahr al-Fahr al-Fahr al-Fafzlak al-Fahr al-Fahr al-Haji al-Maqam". This verse should be given by any scholar to the extent of his work and path. Any scholar who is in the seminary or in the public domain or in these centers. The specialist is busy knowing that he is moving on the basis of God's grace and God's mercy, and God says that you are happy with Lafra Hawa, and you have also succeeded in being on the table of the Qur'an and the Prophet, "that's what all the people Collect it better.

Advise the family of science to pay attention to truthfulness

A member of the Teachers' Association of the Qom Seminary, addressed to the students of the seminary, stated: "Pay attention to this direction. Sometimes, some families of science do not know the way of their own wife and his job and his path. This is a self harm. The sphere itself must be the truth. Describe the prayers for the first time for the students and later for their families. I know many families tell us what your wife is after 20 years of living with their husbandsThey say they are studying, but what lessons and what they do and how much value is itReally does not know

He added: "This verse says that anyone who engages in the Qur'an and interprets the Qur'an and the Prophet, this" good deity of the Mommy "gathered from all that human beings, not from a merchant, not from a wealthy collector But rather than what all human beings collect, "Huh is good," so we should be grateful and worth knowing this.

The Way to Revive the Qur'an and the Etruth / the Standard of Detection Identification

Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani stated that this collection, which has been carried out by al-Hamdeldlah many years ago along with this center of jurisprudence in the holy city of Mashhad, is a great step towards the revival of the Qur'an and the Etruth, one of the ways of the revival of the Qur'an is that these shrike religions Detect the timeBy what standard, can these deviant sects prove the deviationThese are not just criteria of reason, according to the Qur'an and the Etruth, we can deform the deviations of the sects of the time, and if, according to the criterion of reason, many of them claim to be intellectuals, many of them say that we are enlightened in intellectual matters. It should be with the standard of the Qur'an.

He added that the Talabah area is more and more familiar with the Qur'an and with the Etruth and the words of the Imams' Imams. It is more fluent in order to be able to deal with these diverse sects, and the time goes on. These sects are developing, so on We need to be acceded to the Holy QuranOne of the meanings that says that the Quran is the executor of Jajari al-Shamz and al-Qamr, that is, with the development of diversions with new deviations that arise at any time, the Quran itself shows more of its own.

The professor of lessons outside the Qom Seminary continued with appreciation of Hojatoleslam Afzal Abadi's services regarding the establishment of the Center for Comparative Studies of Islamic Religions in Mashhad. Mr. Afzal Abadi, who is a graduate of Qom's verbal collection and of its outstanding virtue, They worked hard in Mashhad and realized that we are seeking to develop in this collection first of all those who specialize in the recognition of the religions and society of our time, as in the past year, when I came to, one of the students for one of these topics I really thanked God that it is dominant that we should be in the area of ​​these people M

Sects and religions are evolving / we need to raise a belief in religion

The head of the Islamic jurisprudence center of the Imams said: "These devious religions and self-reliant selfishness are on the rise. Today, you bring those books that have struck a loophole and Wahhabism for 20 years. They say we do not have these ideasOne of the new versions and thoughts of these, I heard about rationalism, the lofty memoirs were to completely eliminate the intellect, had a tendency to appearances, but the new self-affirmation of Salafit paid more attention to the Mu'tazilites and the Imams I want to say they are evolving and looking for resistanceSeeing that this did not go a new way, and the third way, the fourth way, and this will be done.

He added: "There are well-trained teachers in this field. There are some very good and profound discussions about Shiite history, different topics related to Sunni, Sunnis, Sunni beliefs, Sunni history, which I also had in the session of professors Honorable on the depth of the discussions, and I emphasize the things that we follow. Let the great elders of the field pray. We are looking to educate the propagators of belief. The idea of ​​one of the professors here was to raise the faithful proponents of a group that believes in them. .

A member of the Teachers' Community of Qom Seminary continued: In our time, we have a political leader, La Youd Faye Ayyah and La Roedah and La NahiOnly political, we have a historical background. We have a moral backgroundEach of them is good in its share, but the believer's position is empty, which holds out the convictions of the people, that is, when it comes to the pulpit, one of the dimensions of the belief of the people is tightened and loweredWe do not have this or very little.

Training groups with fan and debate power

Ayatullah Fadhil Lankarani stated: "Let's create groups that have the power to debate with other lords of the nations and the differences, which are somewhat formed and very necessary." The debate itself is a very powerful and media-driven one. The debate is one of the mainstays of media advertising in the world today. Those who have the power to debate in the debate.

He continued to criticize Sima's voice and said: "In the sound programs of the artists who have the power to humor, the artists who are powerful in this field will see how we are targeting our firm religious rootsWe need to work on our debates and our virtues. Let's say in the future, we have 100 people in the Khorasan seminary, which have the power to debate on the issues of writing and other sections, so that there will be various powers coming out of this collection.

The professor of lessons outside the Qom Seminary Seminary, at the end of the scholars of this collection, the professors, the officials and Mr. Afzal Abadi, who work diligently and motivatedly, wished and wished: "The future of this series is a great result for the Shia and Seminary worlds." Khorasan, so that the graduates of this center in these three years turned to the schoolchildren in the beliefs that it is a great service to the Khorasan areaI hope that the eighth Imam will help with this collection and what they want to bring our mind and mind and let our hands and fingers run so that we can do the same

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