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“Qadha” and “qadar” and the fate of man
Date 18 January 2022 & Clock 16:15

1. How do “qadha” and “qadar” change the course of events? Aren’t they in contradiction with man’s free will? What is fate?
2. Does God change our fate because of our deeds? Do our actions cause any change in our future?
3. If one can create problems for others through writing certain spells, wouldn’t it prevent the victim from exercising his free will? Why does God let some people exercise witchcraft?
4. Does offering prayers change one’s future?

1. “Qadha” and “qadar” need a detailed discussion and cannot be dealt with in a mail. They do not contradict man’s free will since they mean that according to divine law whoever does good deeds should have good destiny and whoever does evil deeds of his own volition should face evil fate.

In simple words, “qadha” and” qadar” mean that one’s destiny is determined by his own free will. God has shown man the right and wrong paths. The right path leads one to eternal bliss while the end of the wrong path is divine chastisement. Whosoever takes the right path will have a blissful fate while who chooses the wrong path will have a bad destiny. There is no compulsion in taking any of the paths, therefore choosing neither of them is against one’s free will.

2. Yes, one’s destiny may change depending on his own conduct.

One of God’s unalterable rules is that the destiny of an individual or a society is determined by the individual or the society’s free will and there is no compulsion or determiner other than their own free will to which the following verse refers: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.” (13:11)

The verse explains a general rule, that is, every individual or society determines its destiny and is responsible for whatever change, whether good or evil, that happens to them. In other words, external changes are rooted in internal changes in individuals or societies.

3. This subject needs a detailed assessment. Witchcraft and sorcery are not beyond God’s power since nothing happens in this world that is beyond God’s sovereignty. Neither are they contradictory with His wisdom. That is because God Himself gave this power to people to test them and see who uses this power in good ways and who uses it for evil purposes.

This world is the world of cause and effect. God created the causes to test people how they use them. In addition, as long as God does not wish it, no cause will have an effect, neither will it have an influence on individuals insofar as they do not pave the way and make themselves vulnerable to be affected by it.

The same is the case with witchcraft. Provided that one trusts in God, keeps away from sins, and takes refuge in praying and reciting the Quran, magic spells will not affect him, while not doing so may leave him vulnerable to magic or witchcraft.

As mentioned above, this is an important and complicated subject which cannot be dealt with in a letter. On his own volition, one may not make use of protective measures against accidents or witchcraft. As long as one trusts in God and relies on his Lord, nothing will happen to him.

Having said that, one should not forget the divine tests which need to be dealt with separately in details. At any rate, none of the above is in contradiction with free will.

4. Yes, it does. Offering prayers makes one’s future blissful. Moreover, it results in prolongation of one’s life, abundance of his sustenance, and illumination of his face.

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