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27 May 2024 Clock 23:26

Considering the Coronavirus pandemic and taking into account that some doctors have suggested people drink some water every few minutes in order to not catch the disease, please explain what the duty of believers is with regard to fasting in the month of Ramadan in case the virus continues to exist?

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In the name of God
1. Fasting is not obligatory on those who are sick and fasting worsens their illness or prolong their recovery. They should fast at another time.
2. Those who are healthy but rationally consider it probable that they may become sick because of fasting it is not obligatory on them to fast, rather invalidity of their fast is not improbable. According to some narrations “A fasting person should break his fast if he fears that he might get conjunctivitis because of fasting”.
3. If medical experts deem it necessary that every person should drink some water every few minutes, fasting will not be obligatory in this case either unless one can keep safe from the 

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