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Why should an apostate be killed?
Date 05 December 2022 & Clock 22:29

Question 1: Why should an apostate be killed? How is this consistent with the Quranic verse which says, "There is no compulsion in religion"? Isn't a person free in choosing his religion?

Answer 1: If an apostate expresses his apostasy, he will be sentenced to death. In case, he does not express or announce it openly, he will not get such a punishment. In fact, by expressing his apostasy, the apostate has waged a war against the religion, God and His prophet. He should therefore be killed. We believe the religion of Islam is based on logic, wisdom and rationality. There is no way one can use his sound intellect yet he denies the religion of Islam which is the most perfect and comprehensive of divine religions. It incorporates all pre-revealed divine religions with more perfect laws and codes of practice. Moreover, freedom does not mean going against such a religion whose aim is to bring prosperity for humanity. Perhaps, an apostate, by his act, may cause others to deviate from the right path. For this reason, he should be killed. Finally, an apostate is like a fierce and ferocious animal that has to be annihilated. In addition, you should understand that the very law will have its impact on the people who may, out of their carnal desires, want to stand against this divine religion.

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