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27 May 2024 Clock 23:37

Question 17: I was born in one of the villages of Esfahan province but I have been living in Tehran for the past many years. I had made a vow (nazr) that I would slaughter a sheep in front of a mourning procession in my village, if my wish were granted. Praise belongs to Allah, now my wish has been granted but unfortunately, for some reason, I cannot return to my birthplace to carry out the nazr. Can I give the money to a charity organization here on the day of Ashura? Does it relieve me of my duty?

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Answer 17: If it had been only a niyat (intention) and the nazr had not been made according to Islamic Shariah, you can act in the same manner that you have stated in your message, or else you can ignore it. If you had made your nazr according to Shariah law (for instance, you had read the formula of Nazr in Arabic or in your own language), you must carry out the nazr in your birthplace in the same manner that you had decided in the first place. May Allah grant you success.

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