Imam Khomeini, a rare personality with unique scientific aspects

  • Date 01 February 2023
  • Clock 15:15
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News Summary :
Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani’s meeting with the new Manager of the Institute for Preserving and Publishing Imam Khomeini’s Works

In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful

We appreciate your efforts to produce the valuable Encyclopedia of Imam Khomeini. It was necessary to produce such encyclopedia about various scientific, ethical, social and political aspects of Imam Khomeini. Imam Khomeini had different outstanding aspects. Books have to be written on his way of deducting Islamic rules from their sources. His deducting method has not yet been studied fully though it has been many years after the victory of the revolution and despite Imam Khomeini being the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran for almost 10 years. Imam’s method and jurisprudential principles have to be studied and investigated.
As for Imam’s scientific aspects, many books have to be authored, and his views in jurisprudence, philosophy, exegesis, ethics, mysticism, and his views on social and political issues have to be deeply studied. 
Imam Khomeini was a rare personality and in many aspects unique. Such personality with such different unique aspects must be introduced to scientific centers of today and future. One way to do this is compiling such encyclopedia. This encyclopedia will be used as a source by future generations to get to know Imam better.
The disciples of the Imam – though most of them have passed away but a few are still living –, and also Imam Khomeini’s family and grandchildren like our brother Sayyed Hassan Khomeini all have to do their best to introduce Imam Khomeini and defend his thoughts and doctrines. Praise be to God, such step has been taken and I personally express my gratitude to Sayyed Hassan Khomeini, the Institute for Preserving and Publishing the Works of Imam Khomeini and to all 260 people who cooperated in producing this work. I also thank Mr. Mortazavi for editing this work and making it available to scientific circles.
This work is not only an act of paying homage to Imam Khomeini, rather it is an act of serving Islam and the Islamic Revolution. It is also one of the treasures of the Seminary.
Today, had we wanted to introduce the scholars of the past, it would be asked what works they produced. The works of the scholars of the past are treasures of the Seminary.
What I expect and pray to God to make it happen is that this work pave the ground for introducing Imam Khomeini to the contemporary and future generations of the seminaries and universities. We have to introduce Imam Khomeini. We have not yet done this properly. It will be a huge service to Islam and will – in shaallah – deserve great reward.
I hope you be successful in this responsibility you have assumed and improve even more this Institute to offer more profound scholarly works – in shallah.
We should remember that it was Imam Khomeini who paved the ground for the Seminary to prosper. Were it not for Imam Khomeini, there wouldn’t have been these seminaries nor their scientific and research centers. This small Center of us also we have it thanks to Imam Khomeini. We always consider ourselves indebted to him. All of us seminarians are indebted to Imam Khomeini, but sometimes – unfortunately – this fact falls victim to forgetfulness.

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