Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani condemns the sacrilege of holy religious figures by a French magazine

23 May 2024



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You are so insolent that you consider rights and dignity for homosexuals, but you violate the sanctities of millions of Shiites.
آخرین رویداد ها

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

A French magazine that has a long and shameful history of insulting the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), the sanctities of Islam, and religious figures has committed, under the pretext of freedom of speech, the heinous act of creating cartoons of our holy figures, the Supreme Leader, the religious scholars, and the sanctities of our faith.

To the management of this magazine, which has committed such an ugly and repugnant act, and the disgraceful history of which in such matters is well known, we say that speaking to you about religious values is futile because you do not accept any religion. In all creeds, insulting the sanctities of other religions is condemned. Common sense also dictates that. But do you deny the common sense as well?

You, who speak so much about enlightenment and civilization, answer our question: On what basis do you intend to have relations with other religions and nations?

You insult the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) who is followed by over two billion Muslims. Does reason approve of such behavior? Do human values allow that? Tell us on what basis you do this? Explain to us based on what you want to establish relations with Muslims?

If you say that you are not bound by reason, religion, and humanity, then declare officially that you have nothing to do with reason, religion, and humanity. Then, you have no right to talk about human rights, you have no right to talk about establishing relationship with other countries and nations, and you cannot claim that you respect humanity.

You are so insolent that you consider rights and dignity for homosexuals, but you violate the sanctities of millions of Shiites and yet call yourselves humans. You do not deserve to be called humans. Therefore, do not speak of human rights or humanitarianism, and do not speak of civilization. Even animals would feel embarrassed to be compared to you!

On what basis do you want to live in this world? After all, your life in this world must be based on either religion, reason, or being of the same kind as other people. You have disregarded all these criteria.

We strongly express our disgust with the caricatures that have been circulating in the virtual space these days and tell these humanoids that with such actions, you are increasing animosity of Muslims and Shiites towards yourselves. Even reason does not accept that you make millions of people your enemies. Of course, you are looking for war, seeking to provoke others for confrontation. You are causing hostility and making enemies for yourselves, which is not reasonable.

You, who trample upon human, rational and religious values and disrespect even international laws: firstly, know that you have made millions of Muslims and even non-Muslims your enemies, and the anger of Muslims will not remain limited to this point and to this extent.

Secondly, we urge international organizations to fulfill their duty. The United Nations, unfortunately, has shown it has never pursued the enforcement of human rights. Those organizations and groups that claim to be advocators of even animal rights in the United Nations, why do they not pursue the fundamental rights of humans, which are being trampled upon in some countries?

In conclusion, we ask the officials of the Foreign Ministry to strongly respond to this insult and not suffice to just expressing some political concerns. They should not overlook the matter by just making some weak diplomatic statements.

Of course, I know that government officials are limited by certain formalities, but they should act in such a powerful manner that no such insults and audacities occur in future.

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