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15 April 2024 Clock 13:08

Is Tatbir permissible? If one has made a vow to perform Tatbir, what is the ruling?

پاسخ :

Taking into account the trend toward Islam and Shiism in many parts of the world after the Islamic Revolution in Iran and since Iran is looked at as the center of Islam, the attitude and conduct of the Iranian nation is considered as exemplar. Therefore, it is necessary that in mourning ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom of the leader of the martyrs, Imam Hussain (as), participants act in a way that leads to increase in the interest and love of people for the Imam and his cause.
It is clear that in current circumstances Tabir does not have such an effect and the opponents exploit it against Shiism.
Thus, it is becoming of the Shias not to practice Tatbir. In case one has made a vow to perform it, his vow is not valid.

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