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Prostrate without a zikr
Date 20 February 2020 & Clock 19:28

Question 40:If a person places his forehead on a turbat during prostration and lifts up his head before he recites a zikr, is it counted a sajda? Secondly, if during prostration, his forehead starts bleeding and the turbat gets stained with blood, what is he supposed to do?

Answer 40:A) Yes, it is considered one sajda and if he does not recite a zikr intentionally, his prayer would be rendered void. However, if he raises his head involuntarily, he should keep it up and not put it back on the turbat but if his forehead touches the turbat involuntarily again, he should recite a zikr and as a whole they would be considered as one sajda.

B) He should place the clean part of his forehead on the turbat. If that is not possible, he should prostrate with either side of his forehead. There are other situations also which have been explained in the manual of Islamic laws. May Allah grant you success.

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