With committing such atrocities, Saudi Arabia makes its doom nearer

  • Date 29 September 2022
  • Clock 18:05
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News Summary :
Ayatullah Fazel Lankarani's speech on the execution of a group of Shia youths in Saudi Arabia

In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful

The horrifying news of this tragedy causes severe pain to the hearts of all of us. In one day, they beheaded tens of people including scholars and others. Among them were some youths who had been arrested before they reached the age of puberty.
When one thinks about this tragedy, he wonders how merciless and savage are those who committed this crime and for what reason they committed it. Tens of Shias being executed in Saudi Arabia without any protest from those who advocate the Saudi government.
The history of the House of Saud is full of crimes and atrocities and the recent tragedy was but only other example of their crimes.
I listened to the recorded voice of one of these martyrs speaking with his family a few days before he was executed. It contains a lesson for us all. In that recording, this martyr is consoling his family telling them not to be upset, because when they would be beheading him he would be remembering the call of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him).
What a faith and firm belief?! His steadfastness should be a lesson for us all. It should remind us of our responsibility. 
A young man whose role model is Imam Hussain (as) and who, with such calmness, consoles his family!
These martyrs are role models for all of us Shias and Muslims. We ask God to give patience to the families of these martyrs.
The way people wept for them in the procession held for them in Al-Ahsa and Al-Qatif demonstrated how big tragedy it was; 41 Shia youths being executed in one day! 
The second point is that by committing such crimes Saudi Arabia makes its doom nearer. There is no doubt about that. The Saudi rulers thinks that by committing such crimes they strengthen their rule, but shedding these pure bloods will soon result in elimination of the House of Saud. This is the promise of God that the oppressors will soon be punished.
The third point is that the Shias of Saudi Arabia, the Shias of other countries, rather all free people of the world should demand the international organizations to do something. The Saudi rulers should not be let free to commit whatever crimes they want just because they have money and oil. Why is the world silent?! They may make show some lukewarm reaction, but that is not enough.
If one day a spy is imprisoned in Iran, hundreds of centers in the world will protest. Of course, if a person is imprisoned innocently, all people should protest. But the Saudi government commits such crimes, they dismember a person in their embassy in turkey – the proofs of it are available to the US and its allies –, and they have been bombarding Yemen for years; but we see no reaction from the US and its allies or from the western backed organizations.
All these are proof of what Imam Khomeini said that these governments and international centers cannot be trusted. They are liars. 
The power of people should increase day by day. We hope that the power of people in Saudi Arabia, whether Shia or Sunni, increases day by day and we hope that we soon witness the collapse of the criminal government of Saudi Arabia and the world of Islam, especially the center of revelation, that is, Mecca and Medina are freed from these criminal rulers.

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