In this recent turmoil, the enemy’s goal was to disintegrate Iran

15 April 2024



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His Eminence Ayatollah Fazil Lankarani (may God prolong his life) expresses disgust at terrorist attack at Imamzadeh Shahcheragh (peace be upon him)
آخرین رویداد ها

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, and may Allah's blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad and his pure family

Last week, a really horrible incident occurred in the holy shrine of Ahmad ibn Musa (peace be upon him) which was another example of crime against sanctities in our country.

Various debates are taking place regarding this attack. Firstly, these actions aim to violate the sanctity of the revered shrines, especially those respected by Shia Muslims. Such appalling crimes are carried out by the like of ISIS, who know that these holy places constitute an important part of the beliefs of the Shias rather all true Muslims. Among Sunnis there are many who go to these shrines on pilgrimage, and the attackers wanted to insult one of these crucial centers.

Throughout history, enemies of truth and righteousness have always sought to defile holy sites when confronting the true Islam. This has been a recurring pattern throughout history.

Alongside the violation of sanctity, innocent and blameless individuals were killed. One of the saddest things in this crime was that a child in the arms of its mother was also murdered. Child-killing is characteristic of the vile Israeli regime, and you know very well that ISIS was created by the United States and Israel. The books distributed by ISIS had been authored by intelligence organizations in the United States and Israel and these two are known for committing such crimes.

This incident was very distressing to the extent that anyone who heard the news was deeply moved and found it beyond description.

In recent days, I saw subtitles on television quoting a Sunni Muslim who said, "Although I am Sunni, I couldn't sleep that night [because of this horrible attack]!" This is how it is and how it should be. Truly, a person should shed tears over such violations of sanctity and the horrible and shocking killings that occurred.

The other subject is that what is the goal of the perpetrators of such crimes?

The answer is that they want to say that contrary to what Iranian officials claim that Iran is a secure country there is no security. We can carry out such acts of terror in Iran easily. They want to make people feel insecure.

They have not realized that the Islamic Republic has really brought about security for its people. Today, thanks be to God, despite being armed to the teeth, if all the enemies unite against Iran they cannot be a threat to this country. If they could attack Iran they would do that but [they know that they cannot and therefore] they want to scare people by carrying out such cowardly crimes.

These crimes, firstly, expose the schemes of the enemy to those of our people and youth who may think that their demands would only be achieved through protests and coming to the streets. They should be prudent and leave the fold of those who desecrate sanctities and reject divine rules like hijab.

Rejecting hijab means openly denying the religion of God. What kind of Muslim would endorse this? We must admit that there are many who are suffering greatly from economic problems and have needs that must be met, but they should be aware that the enemy is seeking an opportunity to create dissention between the people and the government.

In this recent turmoil, which was rather a dangerous one, the enemy was aiming to disintegrate Iran.

It is the duty of us, seminary students, to make people aware of the plots of the enemy and expose their schemes. 

This is one of the important issues in the Jihad of Explanation. I myself heard from a media outlet that a Kurdish person was saying that the Kurds should have an independent parliament in Kurdistan! The enemies want to disintegrate Iran and to take our religion from us because in order to plunder Iran they need to take the religion from us.

In any case, this brave nation, which has been and still is consciously present in the field, despite having some demands which should be satisfied, God willing, still stand firm in support of their religion, country, and revolution. They will not allow this country to become disintegrated, with part of it under America's control and another part under Europe's control.

We strongly condemn this crime and express our sympathy with the families of these dear martyrs. Today, not only they, but the entire Shia world mourns in the sorrow of this tragedy; all Shias are in mourning. We hope that the pure blood of these innocent ones uproots the enemy forever and cuts their hand short from this country, our Revolution, and our religion.

We must humbly implore for the reappearance of Imam Zaman to the Almighty Allah so that he may eradicate the enemies as soon as possible. May he pray that the consequences of the evil acts of these enemies return to themselves.

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you

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