Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Fazel Lankarani: Wahabi Mufti's Fatwa is a Confirmation of Israel's Crimes

08 December 2023



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Hojjatul Islam Jawad Fazel Lankarani expressed regret over the recent fatwa of Saudi's Wahabi mufti about not helping and praying for Lebanese Muslims saying, "such a fatwa is not based on any jurisprudential, religious and scientific standards."
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Hojjatul Islam Jawad Fazel Lankarani expressed regret over the recent fatwa of Saudi's Wahabi mufti about not helping and praying for Lebanese Muslims saying, "such a fatwa is not based on any jurisprudential, religious and scientific standards."
He reminded, "The person who issued such a fatwa is from those individuals who issued an edict a few years ago on the killing of Shiite Muslims saying they deserved death and they might be killed with impunity.
"Issuance of such a fatwa, at a time when all Muslim scholars are seeking unity among Muslims, indicates that Wahabism is a forged religion which serves the aims and objectives of Colonialism." Hojjatul Islam Sheikh Muhammad Jawad Fazel said.
He further added, "In addition to their corrupt ideology, there are evidences in history showing that the recent events taking place here and there in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the Muslim world through Al-Qaida are meant to destroy the entire basis of Islam.  This fatwa is another clear proof showing that this religion is a complete fabrication of Islam's old and cruel enemy."
He also considered Bahaism as another religion forged at the hands of the colonialists saying "heads of this colonial sect also recommended fighting against Shia and killing of the Shiites.
"The sectarian discord which the Islamic world is now faced with is an English as well as a colonial policy to fight Islam through these forged religions from within the Islamic community." he reminded.
Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani's son said that he believed that the fatwa by individuals like Abdullah Bin Jibrin had been issued in coordination with Zionism and the colonialist powers. "Thank Allah, some of the Sunni scholars have already known the true faces of these people.  They have denounced the fatwa and declared it as invalid." he stated.
He further added, "What I would like to ask from the giver of this edict is whether or not he accepts the Holy Prophet (pbuh)'s saying (من سمع رجلا ينادي يا للمسلمين و لم يجبه فليس بمسلم)
(One who hears a man calling Muslims for help yet he does not rush to his help, he is not a Muslim.)
Should we not help the Lebanese Muslim children, men and women whose cry is echoing throughout the world?  Shouldn't the order of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) be acted upon?  Isn't Hezbollah, which has stood up in the latest events to defend Islam and the Lebanese people, one of the manifestations of this tradition?  Are not those, who forbid praying to God for the success of the Lebanese combatants, included by this saying of the Holy Prophet?"
Sheikh Jawad Fazel Lankarani added: "We refer this person to his own books and advise him to study the traditions which have been narrated from the Holy Prophet (pbuh) about Islam and Iman (faith). Has it not been narrated in their books that he who acknowledges (admits) Allah's religion is a Muslim?(من اقر بدين الله فهو مسلم)  .
He said "If the tradition which I mentioned earlier includes Muslims only, we are religiously bound to help the Lebanese people and Hezbollah. Failure to do so would mean being heedless of Islam's becoming weak.   Perhaps, we can even say that the tradition might include the oppressed – be he a Muslim or a non-Muslim."
He added, "If this man paid a careful attention to this tradition, he would come to understand fully that Islam holds Muslims responsible with regard to those asking for help. Islam does not allow silence vis-à-vis the cry and imploration of the oppressed. Now the question is how come he allows himself to state that even praying for them is not permissible."
He further said, "I believe this person is far from true understanding of Islam and the Holy Prophet's sayings."
"I refer him to the issues discussed by Shia and Sunni scholars about supplications" he continued.  "The question is, why have you given a fatwa saying that praying for Lebanese Muslims and combatants is not allowed?  What are your standards to justify such an edict with?  Do you think Islam has forbidden the oppressed from praying to God for deliverance from the evil of the unjust and the oppressors?
"Certainly, had he learnt and went through the discussions about supplications, he would not have uttered such words." Sheikh Jawad Fazel Lankarani said.
He said, "What is more regrettable is that this Saudi mufti does not know the discussions concerning bara'at (disassociation) from Mushrekeen in the Quran, or he may pretend to be unaware of them. Doesn't the Quran state that we should seek bara'at from the polytheists?"
He added, "Are those who offer prayers, recite the Shahadatain (the Two Testimonies) and perform pilgrimage of the House of God polytheists?"
He further added saying that issuance of the fatwa on the impermissibility of lending support to Hezbollah and praying for Hezbollah is a confirmation of Israel's entire criminal acts.
"This person is seen as an accessory to the crimes, a man who has joined hands with Israel in committing crimes." he said.
He further added, "Thanks Allah, the youth are now well aware whom to take religious instructions from? They know that they should receive Islamic laws from real and sympathetic scholars. People like Bin Jibrin can no longer influence Muslims particularly the youth."
"Thanks Allah, Muslims are aware of the fundamentals of Islam and their duties which they fulfill in the right manner, they are well aware of the conspiracies hatched by Zionism and implemented with cooperation and support of the US government." he notified.
He further stated, "Today, Muslims know that whoever makes a call for discord and seeks to create disunity among Muslims, he is rejected and ostracized by Muslims.  So they do not heed to such edicts, and such people create nothing for themselves but religious and scientific disgrace."
Finally, he added, "The US has long been trying to seek hegemony over the Middle Eastern countries through Israel, its illegitimate child. It is also seeking control of their material and spiritual resources. Since they have come to realize that Islam is the only religion that stands as a hurdle on their way to  pillaging and looting the Muslim world, they have stood up to fight it. What is being done currently by the US and the Israeli regime has no objective other than that."
"Bin Jibrin the Saudi Wahabi mufti joined hand with the Zionists in committing crimes by issuing this fatwa. Today most of the Sunni scholars have detached their political and ideological path from such Wahabi clerics; they have their own stable and correct standpoints."

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